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The Hart Branch of the Tree:

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Harts in America

Isaac Hart (b. abt 1624, d. 1699) Scratby, Norfolk, England
Isaac embarked at Yarmouth, England April 11, 1636, at the age of 22, on a vessel named 
"Rose", with Captain Anderson, master of the ship.  The "Rose" with its passengers and 
crew landed in America only 16 years after the "Mayflower" landed at Plymouth Rock.
Married in 1650 in Reading, Middlesex, Massachusetts to Elizabeth Hutchinson (b. abt 1631,
d. 1700) of Charleston, Suffolk, Massachusetts, daughter of Thomas Hutchinson 
b. abt 1600) Inkberrow, Worchester, England and Anne Marbury Browne (b. abt 1605) also 
of Inkberrow, Worchester, England

Elizabeth (above) was imprisoned for witchcraft in Boston for seven months.

Children:    Elizabeth    11 Dec 1651    Reading, MA
                  Deborah    abt 1655    Reading, MA
                  Thomas     abt 1663    Reading, MA
                  John       abt 1660    Reading, MA
                  Samuel   9 Feb 1657    Reading, MA
                  Adam     4 Apr 1666    Reading, MA

Samuel Hart (Capt) (b. 9 Feb 1657, d. 1730) Lynnfield, Massachusetts

Married abt 1693 to Sarah Endicott (b. 19 Dec 1673, 
d. aft 1710 in Lynn, Essex, MA) of Salem, Essex, Massachusetts, 
daughter of Dr Zerubbabel Endicott (b. 14 Feb 1634, d. 27 Mar 1684) 
of Salem, Essex, MA and Mary Smith (b. 1636, d. 20 June 1677) 
of Swampscot, MA 

Sarah Endicott was the granddaughter of Gov John Endicott of the 
Massachusetts Bay Colony.  Also, Sara's Stepmother was Elizabeth 
Winthrop, the daughter of Gov John Winthrop of the Massachusettes 
Bay Colony. 
Children: Elizabeth 16 Nov 16?? Lynnfield, MA Thomas 12 Aug 1696 Lynnfield, MA Samuel Jr 30 Aug 1698 Lynnfield, MA John 25 Mar 1703 Lynnfield, MA Jonathan 2 Nov 1710 Lynnfield, MA
John Hart (b. 25 Mar 1703, d. 1777) Lynnfield, Massachusetts
Married his cousin Mehitable Endicott (b. 1699, d. 1766) of Boxford, Essex, MA, daughter 
of Zerubbabel Endicott Jr. (b. 14 Feb 1664, d. 1706) of Boston, MA and Grace Symonds 
(b. 14 Oct 1667) of Boxford, Essex, MA.  (Note: Zerubbabel Endocott Jr was the brother
or Sarah Endicott above.)

Mr. Hart resided in Lynn, a farmer. His will was made Apr. 9, 1777 in which he mentions 
three children, and gives his real estate to sons John and Zerubbable of Lynn, and 53 pounds 
to Sarah Baxton. The will was probated Dec. 1, 1777, and recorded at Salem, Mass., 
book 352, page 558. 

    Children:    John          1733
                 Zerubbabel    1738
                 Mehitable     1743

Zerubbabel Hart (b. 1738, d. 1797) Most likely Lynnfield, Essex, Massachusetts
    Married to Eunice Curtis (d. 1802)  of Danvers, Massachusetts

He was a farmer.  He was a private in the American Revolution and marched on 
Lexington in 1775.

    Children:    Jacob            abt 1774    Lynnfield, MA
                 George        24 Jan 1775    Lynn, MA
                 Sarah (Sally)    abt 1785

George Hart (b. 24 Jan 1775, d. 1857) Lynn, Massachusetts
    Moved to New Hampshire and married Eunice Upton in 1800 and after a short stay 
    there, relocated to Weston, Windsor, Vermont in 1802, and on 3 May 1805 married 
    Mary (or Polly) Laurence (b. 1786).  As of this writing, it is not known what 
    happened to Eunice Upton.  He again moved some time after 1840 joining his sons 
    and their families that had in 1834 relocated to Lorain Co, Ohio. George and 
    Polly were living and are listed in the 1850 Lorain county U.S. census.  In 1855 
    George made one last move with his son Samuel to Hillsdale Co. MI. where he 
    spent his remaining years.

    Children:    George        Abt. March 1801, Lynnfield, MA; d. September 29, 1801
                 Sylvester    27 Mar 1806    Weston, Windsor, VT
                 Samuel        1 Mar 1811    Weston, Windsor, VT 
             Married 29 Jun 1845 (?) to Emily Gier of Carrol Co. OH.  (b. 6 Jan 1818)
             Children:    Richard             1837
                          Elmira M.           1843
                          Alice M.            1845
                          George W.           1847
                          Julia A.        abt 1849
                          Alfred T.       abt 1851 (twin)
                          Albert F.       abt 1851 (twin)

Sylvester Hart (b. 27 Mar 1806, d. 26 Sept 1874) Weston, Windsor, Vt.

On 25 Jan 1829 married Relief Baldwin (b. 31 Aug 1806, d. 5 Jan 1892 85 yr) of Pawlet, 
Rutland, Vermont.  In 1834 moved to Lorain County, Ohio.  Farm burned to the ground in 
1840, which he rebuilt.  Sylvester held various elected offices in Carlisle Township 
and became one of the largest land-holders in the county.  He was also extensively 
engaged in dairying.  Moved to Oberlin in 1856 where he lived until his death in 1874. 
Sylvester, Relief, Libby, and Flavius are buried side by side in South Murray Ridge 
Cemetery in Elyria, Lorain, Ohio.  Several other family members are interred in 
near-by plots.

    Children:  1 Jeremiah B.(John)    13 Aug 1832    Married Sarah A. Lyon  25 Jan 1854
                         Carlton V.    26 May 1855
                         Alice Relief    22 Dec 1857
                         Cora C.    11 Apr 1859
                  (Jeremiah second marriage to Julia Preston  4-21-1875)
                         Helen A.    19 Mar 1876
                         Roy Yondell Preston
                               Donand Lewis
                                    Deborah Hart Brushaber
                2 Elizabeth C. (Libby)    19 May 1834
                3 Cornelia M.             21 Sept 1836 - 8 Dec 1920
                Married John H. Eckler of Carlisle 25 Dec 1862 
                                    (JHE      24 Nov 1835 - 23 Nov 1893)
                         Henry S.      11 Oct 1863
                         George H.     20 Jul 1865 - 9 Oct 1873
                         Bertha M.     14 Oct 1868
                         Catharine M.  14 May 1872
                         Frank R.      21 Feb 1875
                4 Henry H.                12 Aug 1840 - 5 Sept 1897  57y
                   Married Bertha S. Buehring  26 Apr 1861
                         Alice L.       6 Jan 1862
                         Cora R.       26 Mar 1863
                         William H.    18 Jul 1864 - 1934
                           (Married Flornce N.  1875 - 1959)
                         Edith M.      25 Nov 1866
                         Julia C.       7 Mar 1869
                         Bertha B.     24 Feb 1872
                         George M.      5 Mar 1874
                         Edwin R.      14 May 1876
                 5 Flavius A.           2 Dec 1849

Left to right, Henry, Jennie, Arthur, Flavius

Flavius Alemendo Hart (b. 2 Dec 1849) Lorain County Ohio (d. 1918)
First marriage 7 Nov 1877 to Olive A Crane daughter of Simeon Crane of Oberlin Ohio. 
Divorce Sept 1901.  Second marriage about 1903 to Jennie Belle Morris of Cleveland. 
Area farmer. He built a home at 525 E College St in Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio where he 
started a furniture business (factory and store) and served as the local undertaker. 
Flavius was twice a Democratic candidate for mayor of Oberlin, and on 1 Feb 1894 
became Oberlinīs postmaster.  He also owned a winter home in New Smyrna Beach, Fl. 
In November 2003 the home on College St. in Oberlin, was still standing, and still
occupied though not by a descendent of the Hart family.

Children:      1 Burton Sylvester    30 Aug 1878    Oberlin, OH
               2 Merton Simeon       18 Feb 1880    Oberlin, OH
                             d. 30 Oct 1944 in L.A., C.A.
               3 Eugene Alemendo        Apr 1884    Oberlin, OH

2nd marriage to Jennie Belle Morris (b. 15 Aug 1871, d. 1936) of Cleveland Ohio
               1 Henry Sylvester     19 June 1906    Oberlin, OH
                d.  19 Apr 1969 Cocoa, FL
               2 Arthur Morris        6 June 1908    Oberlin, OH
                d.  abt 1985      Platka, FL

Henry Sylvester Hart (b. 19 June 1906, d. 19 Apr 1969) Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio
Married Clara Mae Peabody of Kipton, Lorain, Ohio.  Daughter of Fred Peabody Jr (1866 - 
1947) and Linnie Viola Schermerhorn (25 Jan 1874 - 1941) Clara was born 8 Jan 1909 and 
died 24 Aug 1985.   Henry and Clara relocated to St Augustine, Florida in 1936 after 
the death his mother Jennie where Henry went to work as an electrician for Florida Power 
and Light Co.  In early 1945, Henry and Clara (and family) made another move to Miami, 
FL where he was employed as an electrician for the Florida East Coast Railway.  
Both Henry and Clara died in Cocoa, Brevard, FL

     Children:  1 Mary Elizabeth    6 Feb 1939    St Augustine, St Johns, FL
             Married Donald Brady  23 Mar 1956    Miami, Dade, FL
                           Deborah            9 Nov 1956    Miami, Dade, FL
                           David             11 Nov 1959    Miami, Dade, FL                   
        2nd Marriage Bobby Vaughn    Sept 1972    Miami, Dade, FL
        3rd Marriage Timothy Gwin  22 Dec 1979    Brookwood, AL
               2 William Morris    31 Jan 1942    St Augustine, St Johns, FL               
    Married to Karen S Kersey    b. 4 Feb 1949    Watertown, NY
                           Robert Allen       8 Apr 1968    Orlando, Orange, FL
                           Michael Lee       29 Oct 1969    Orlando, Orange, FL
                           Dianna Lynn       27 May 1971    Orlando, Orange, FL
               3 George Richard    30 Sept 1944    Miami, Dade, FL
       Married 3 Apr 1973 to Deborah Ford   
	           (b. 10 Jan 1953 Northhampton, MA - d. 18 Sept 2011 Ft Pierce, FL)
                           Robert Raymond    15 Nov 1973    Ft Pierce, St Lucie, FL
                           Anne Elizabeth    21 Mar 1975    Ft Pierce, St Lucie, FL

The Peabody Branch of the Tree:

Our Lineage from John Pabody (Peabody) by generation.

The Planter, under Master Nicholas Trerice/Travice sailed from London on 
April 2nd or 11th 1635,  arriving Boston June 7th, 1635

     John Peabody  b. Abt 1590    Nosely, Leicestershire, Eng.
     Isabell Harper    b. Abt 1590    Stafford, Eng.

**   Francis Peabody  b. Abt 1614    St Albans, Co Herts, Eng.
     Lydia Perkins

Francis Peabody 21 is the only Peabody appearing in the Planters passenger list.

     Isaac Peabody  b. 1648    Hampton, MA
     Sara Estes Gill

     Coronet Francis Peabody b. 1 Dec 1694    Topsfield, MA
     Dorothy Perkins  b. Abt 1695

     Daniel Peabody  b. 18 Oct 1728    Middleton, MA
     Phebe Foster  b. 25 Jan 1729        Andover, MA

     Andrew Peabody  b. 28 May 1796    Merrimac, NH
     Asenath Gillis  b. 28 Aug 1800

     Frederick Newton Peabody  b. 3 Sept 1826    Merrimac, NH     (Elnathan's brother)
     Cordelia Hittsman  b. 16 Nov 1832        Henrietta, OH

     Frederick Peabody  b. 27 Dec 1866        Henrietta, OH
     Linnie Viola Schermerhorn  b. 25 Jan 1874
     Note: Frederick's older brother Henry married Linnie's younger sister Gertie Schermerhorn.
     (Schermerhorn Family Chronicles)

     Clara Mae Peabody b. 8 Jan 1909        Kipton, Lorain, OH
     Henry Sylvester Hart  b. 19 June 1906    Oberlin, Lorain, OH

**    Francis Pabody is the brother of the William Pabody that married Elizabeth Alden, 
the daughter of John Alden and Pricilla Mullins and the first white woman born in New 
England. (See monument in the Photo Gallery.)

The Morris Branch of the Tree:

 Henry J Morris                                      Mary Esther Morris

Generation: 1
1.    William Morris b. 15 Jan. 1806, Thorpe Achurch, Northampton, England; d. 17 Feb. 
1875, Titchmarsh, Northampton, England; buried 20 Feb. 1875 Titchmarsh Parish Church.

William m. Rachel Weston 1 Jan. 1827 Saint Margaret, Leicestershire, England. Rachel 
b. 21 Dec. 1803, Leicester, Leicestershire, England; d. 8 Apr. 1863, Titchmarsh, 
Northampton, England

    William Morris b. 20 Sept. 1827, Leicestershire, England; d. 7 Jul 1854, Quebec, Canada
    Susannah Morris b. 22 Jan. 1829, Titchmarsh, England; d. 28 Apr. 1864, Wellingborough, England    
    Robert Morris b. 1 Nov. 1830, Titchmarsh, England; d. 9 Mar. 1866, Ipswich, Queensland, Australia
    Thomas Weston Morris b. 5 Feb. 1832, Titchmarsh, England; d. 22 Apr. 1874, Cleveland,     Ohio
    James Morris b. 13 Dec 1833, Titchmarsh, England; d. Mar. 1900, Welllingborough,    England
    Henry (Harry) J. Morris b. 18 Aug. 1835, Titchmarsh, England; d. 16 Apr. 1906,     Cleveland, Ohio
    Mary Morris b. Abt. 1836, Titchmarsh, England; d. Bef. 1851 
    (In the 1841 Census, but that is all I have been able to verify)
    Elizabeth "Betsy" Morris b. 18 Apr. 1837, Titchmarsh, England; d. 26 Apr. 1925,     Cuyahoga, Ohio
    Reuben Morris b. 23 Jan. 1839, Titchmarsh, England; d. 20 Jan 1899, Brisbane,     Queensland, Australia
    Levi Morris b. 2 Mar. 1841, Titchmarsh, England; d. Aft. 1891
    Frederick Morris b. 31 Oct. 1842, Titchmarsh, England; d. Abt. Mar. 1921, Northampton, England
    Joseph Morris b. 27 Nov. 1843, Titchmarsh, England; d. Aft. 1901.

Generation: 2
2.    Henry (Harry) J. Morris b. 18 Aug. 1835, Titchmarsh, Northampton, England; 
      d. 16 Apr. 1906, Cleveland,   Ohio; buried Lakeview Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio

Henry m. Mary Esther Cook b. 5 Nov. 1831, Vermont; d. 19 Jan. 1905; buried Lakeview 
Cemetery, Cleveland, Ohio. (Harry was Maryīs 2nd husband)

    1 Harry W. Morris b. Jun 1865, d. Aft. 1910
    2 William "Willie" Lorenzo Morris b. 5 May 1866, Ohio; d. Abt. 1933
    3 Minnie Esther Morris b. 7 Sept. 1869, Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio; d. Aft. 1930; Never Married
    4 Jennie Belle Morris b. 15 Aug. 1871; d. 8 Feb. 1936, Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio
    5 Nellie "Nelly" M. Morris b. 7 Oct. 1873, Cleveland, Ohio; d. 4 Jun. 1917, Los Angeles, California

Generation: 3
3.    Flavius Alemendo Hart b. 2 Dec. 1849, Carlisle Township, Lorain, Ohio; d. 22 Apr. 
1918, Lorain, Ohio; buried  South Murray Ridge Cemetery, Lorain, Ohio.

Flavius m. Jennie Belle Morris 24 Jun 1905 Oberlin, Ohio. Jennie (daughter of Henry J. 
Morris) b. 15 Aug 1871 Cleveland, Cuyahoga, Ohio; d. 8 Feb. 1936 Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio.
(Jennie was Flaviusīs 2nd wife)

    1 Henry Sylvester Hart b. 19 Jun 1906, Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio; d. 19 Apr 1969, Cocoa, Brevard, Florida
    2 Arthur Morris Hart b. 6 Jun 1908, Oberlin, Lorain, Ohio; d. 27 Jul 1990 Palatka, 
    Putnam, Fl;  Never Married


Four of William & Rachel Morris's children immigrated to America in the 1850's & 60's.
William Jr to Canada; Thomas, Henry, & Elizabeth to the US.  Reuben relocated to Brisbane,

William Jrīs wife and daughter died in transit and were buried at sea.  William Jr 
himself died shortly after arrival leaving his son William Adam Morris an orphan.  
William A Morris was adopted by one of the dock workers and thus became WAM Swift.

Henry J Morris b. 8-18-1835 Titchmarsh, England,  Emigrated to the U.S. about 1860 and
               settled in Cleveland, OH. Married Mary Esther Cook b. 1831, VT

Mary Ester Cook had four children by her first marriage (Clark). Two sons (Charles 

& Frances) from her first marriage were living with Henry J & Mary at the time of 
the 1870 census along with the children listed above.

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